What is WineBaa

Wine Baa

Wine Baa is a new innovative product that has been designed, patented and tested to allow nature to get back to what it does best: harmonious ergonomics. The snout guard allows sheep to eat weeds and grass, but prevents them from eating vines in an environmentally focused goal to improve productivity, reduce CO2 emissions and the use of chemicals for vineyards, and to supply more pastoral land to reduce pressure on land clearing. 


How Wine Baa works -


Wine Baa is a snout guard that is open at the bottom, blocked at the front and uses counterbalance technology that allows the guard to cover the sheep's mouth when their head moves up to reach for vines, stopping them from eating foliage and fruit.  It then remains fixed and upright when they look down allowing their mouth through the opening underneath,  giving access to grazing,  Basically this innovative guard means that sheep can freely eat grass and weeds and drink water, but it prevents their eating the vines. The guards material is durable against the harsh weather and strong enough to endure the daily behaviour of a sheep.


The focus of Wine Baa is a dualistic approach, the combination being a reduction in costs and excess, as well as an environmentally sound solution bringing farming back into self sufficiency. Wine baa is low cost, allowing vineyards to save a significant amount of money, reduce CO2 emissions, remove the use of herbicides, and increase land usability and space, bringing a focus back to organic sustainability without the negative pressures. 


Sheep in vineyards is nothing new during the 6 months from mid autumn to mid spring and is widely used for cost savings for vineyards in slashing and herbicides.  It is also a supply of low cost pastoral land for those who farm sheep. Unless the vines are within walking distance, sheep have to be trucked in during those months, adding to the overall cost.  They are then brought back during the other 6 months, making it not possible to increase one's flock dramatically and making it not possible at all for some. But if the sheep can be kept full time in the vines the vineyard will no longer be a seasonal block to graze, but it will be able to support the whole farm life of the sheep, allowing Graziers to increase their head of sheep only to the limit of the vineyards they can access. This also will make it possible for those who before now it was unfeasible to run sheep at all due to distance or availability of sheep.

​WineBaa is suitable to fit sheep with a snout of between 9 and 19cm as shown here:

Estimated cost saving -

  • 1 slashing pass for 1ha at 0.5 hour/ha at $60/hour= $30ha  

  • 1 herbicide pass 1ha at 0.5 hour/ha at $60/hour= $30ha 

  • (hourly rate includes labor, fuel, repairs, maintenance and depreciation)